Consumer Services

The consumer is the center of ID services and Marilyn believes the provider has the responsibility to maintain quality services that reflect the needs and choices of those consumers.  Enabling consumers access to needed entitlement benefits and maintaining those benefits can be a complex and time consuming undertaking. Marilyn has a proven track record in assuring the acquisition of benefits for consumers that enable providers to maintain the desired services.  Meanwhile maintaining a facilities’ census and assuring the sustainability of funding can be equally as challenging.  Marilyn offers providers opportunities to pursue consumer based benefits and assure facility efficiency in maintaining service funding.

  • Consumer benefits: Optimizing entitlement benefits for consumers, assessment of resources and opportunities to enhance benefits/development of efficient facility systems to assure benefit optimization

  • Census management: Establishing and maintaining referrals/ level of care assessments and development of admission and discharge planning processes

  • Facility financial sustainability: Individual assessment monitoring and auditing, ensuring that providers are enabled to equalize resources with resident needs